My approach to my work incorporates applying my Counselling skills along with my energy healing work. You will find me to be a Professional and personable, genuine, caring empathic person. I have travelled my own journey of personal growth for the last 25yrs. Where I have arrived in a contented place-always growing place at present, Always open to the continuous change moment by moment, which life’s journey Presents to each and every one of us daily.


Services Implemented. Intergrating my Counselling and energy work can help a person to become aware and discover their choosen pathway, by revealing their inner strengths and perceptions. Along with this powerful transformation people are able to become aware of how habits and patterns manifest by our thought forms we attach to emotionally and physically. Through this self -discovery empowerment and change is inevitable. When we are aware and empowered as individuals we can lead a more contented life, with awareness we can be reflective and with empowerment we are able to make choices that can help ourselves and sometimes have an effect on those around us.